Finding the right Colocation in Phoenix

Phoenix colocation

RackserverLet’s first begin by discussing what exactly colocation or server colocation is? This is when you place your servers and other devices in a professional data center. You do this so you can access the infrastructure, security, a greater bandwidth and other special hosting advantages.

In basic terms, it allows you to house your machine in another’s domain and use the space as your own. It will cost you more, then say other hosting servers, but the bandwidth comes at a cheaper price.

So what are the advantages of using Phoenix colocation, as opposed to other options?
1) The bandwidth options comes in at number one. Normally, for a traditional business grade DSL, the cost is usually between $150 and $200. Now that’s a lot of money folks!

But for less money, you can install a single server into the colocation facilities, and you will get a bigger bandwidth. The slow speed and time will also be reduced by doing this.

2) The power outage problem comes in at number two. Remember last winter, when we had that nasty ice storm? I mean, we were having snow and ice just about every other day. Well with this, you won’t have that issue either. These facilities are designed for days like this. They are designed to keep the power on, even when everything else has gone out. They backup everything. So you won’t need to worry about losing your work.

3)You own the server honey! That means, that you don’t have to wait until some provider gets their butt in gear and chooses to help you out. Let’s be real, some of those providers can take a really long time, especially when they seem to have better things to do. If the machine needs to be rebooted or upgraded, you can handle it all on your own. That save you time and money too. With this facility, you can say goodbye to being at the mercy of a provider. You are your own boss. Whatever you say, goes.server10trays_640

4) You also own the sever software. It you need to download something, do it. Don’t wait for some other provider or installer to get their act together. It’s ready for when you need to have it done.

5) If you move at any time, you can leave the servers up and running. It can be a pain in the butt to have to rework the lines and reestablish the connections, after you have moved. So take all of that out of the equation. Leave them up. That way, they are there ready and waiting for you at your new location.

You also will get added protection and security. Not many others do that. But this facility will. Your server will be maintained and secure, where ever you are. Now this may come at an extra cost. But it’s worth it, especially when you don’t have an IT team looking after things. Or if your server is far away from your location. Looking for more information on colocation for your company? Go to our friends over at Phoenix Colocation.